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La Roché Bág

La Roché Bág
Item# larochebag

Product Description

A simple designer handbag using between 3 and 6 fabric prints. Six wonderful inside pockets with an elastic top edge. This great bag uses an internal flex frame for easy stay-open and stay-closed features. The frame can be easily removed by you to launder your bag when needed. If a frame is not desired, a magnetic snap can be applied instead. This pattern offers two sizes: each 19" wide and between 11" or 14" tall-including the upper contrast bands. This bag also offers you the option to make supplimental/interchangeable handles. This is a neat feature because if a set of handles gets soiled or torn, they can be removed and replaced. Make a couple extra sets while making your handbag and you can use them to change lengths or colors.


12" Internal Purse Frame
12" internal purse frame. In upper right of picture it shows this frame hinged and open. This frame comes to you hinged. To insert into purse, tote or bag: unhinge both ends, slide each piece through its prospective internal opening or casing that you have made and rehinge. To unhinge, use pliers to pinch the end of the frame to release pressure. Work the pin out of end. To rehinge, do the opposite. Frames can be removed for bag to be laundered.
Handbag with flex frame photo only
Handbag with flex frame photo only
This is just a photo for you to see the La Roche Bag open using the 12" flex frame. It is not an ordable photo. The cover of the pattern shows a similar photo when you order and receive it.
This item is currently out of stock!
1" Split Rings
8 each (enough for 2 La Roche Bags)- 1" Split Rings. Great fashion feature to this bag and functional as well. The use of the split ring is to be able to change your handles. Changing your handles allows you to replace or change the length.
Pellon/Stabilizer Set
Pellon/Stabilizer Set pellonkit